West Island Oysters-MA

West Island Selects

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The ideal choice for an oyster connoisseur.

Shipments are sent out every Wednesday, guaranteeing Friday delivery.

West Island Selects are equally suitable for your raw bar or for your grill. 

With the same deep cup that West Island is known for, our Selects are sized for both presentation and taste. Our Selects pack the perfect briny punch for your gathering or date night. 

Our team used Pangea Shellfish Company's Oyster Flavor Wheel to describe the flavor of the West Island Selects: 


Bitter, Sweet, Umami, Sour, with a lower salt level of 3.5

Fatty- Buttery, Slippery, Smooth
Tender- Meaty, Bursting, Toothsome
Vegetal- Savory - Mushroom - Green - Seaweed
​Mineral- Organic - Brackish and Earthy